▶ “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to bring claws to a gun fight?”


Chris Argent || 40 (?) Years Old || Hunter || Human || Widower || OPEN

Chris Argent is a man of honor and duty. He is the son of Gerard Argent and an heir of the old Argent bloodline that has its origins in the Dark Ages. Rumor has it that the first werewolf hunter was a Frenchman called Argent. Chris is a soldier, the perfect example of a hunter. He values the code like no other, even if that means watching a loved one die.

He strongly dislikes the connection of his daughter Allison with the young werewolf Scott McCall but seems to realize to some point that it’s not that easy to keep them apart. Recently his life had been shaken up by the suicide of his wive Victoria, who had chosen to kill herself after being bitten by the Alpha Derek Hale.
Unable to watch his daughter turn into another Kate, Chris chose a very unusual ally to team up with for the final fight against the Kanima (which was controlled by no other than Chris’ own father Gerard) - Scott McCall. 

With Gerard dead or missing and his family broken down to him and Allison, Chris stands before a number of serious decisions. Will he continue his life as a hunter or retire to give his daughter an opportunity for a normal life?
Will he face the new threat that is hovering over Beacon Hills as a hunter or an ally of Derek and his pack - or will he turn his back on all of this and leave town again?

That is, if the new Alphas in town will even give him a chance to leave..

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