So, Jackson is open?(:

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Yes, Jackson is open. But I bet whoever sent this message is long gone.

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▶ "I want to be like you."


Vernon Milton Boyd IV || 17 Years Old || Junior || Werwolf || Single || OPEN

Before the bite, Boyd was the one student left forgotten by everyone else. He wanted to be more then the “loner kid,” never to be pushed into the background and become someone important. So, when Derek picked him to join his pack the answer would never be no. The thought of having friends, a family, to rely on and look after was ideal, heaven sent. He could have someone there for him like he had wished for- and the added power was a very big compensation he could live with. However, his Alpha isn’t all that he seems.

Even will all the new power and the certainly strong allies he got with the bite, Boyd can’t see a future for himself between hunter’s arrows, werewolf claws and lizard creatures. Together with Erica he tried to escape the whole mess in Beacon Hills - but failed. Getting attacked by hunters almost killed him and forced the two young werewolves back onto the battlefield where they are facing an even bigger threat than before.. 

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▶ "I’m carrying a lethal weapon. If I want the curly fries, I will have the curly fries.""


Sheriff Stilinski || 41  Years Old || Sheriff || Human || Single (possibly in love with Melissa McCall) || OPEN

The Sheriff is a very righteous man. He loves his job, he loves doing good and he is doing it with all his heart. His recent degradation had hit him hard but after solving the murders committed by Matt Daehler, he got his job back. He is a man of truth and justice but also very caring and understanding. The most important thing in his life is his son Stiles. He is his only family since his beloved wife died a few years ago.
He loves Stiles like nobody and nothing else but over the last weeks he felt like he lost the connection to him. Stiles constantly getting into trouble (what even led to him losing his job) and acting out of control is baffling him. Like most people in Beacon Hills, the Sheriff is oblivious of the whole werewolf thing going on in town. Will he find out by accident or will Stiles finally pluck up the courage to tell him? But more importantly: if the Sheriff finds out, will he stand on side of the humans and the hunters or those of the werewolves.. and his son?

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Stiles is missing his father and Derek is totally not looking forward to having awkward nice dinners with his “father-in-law” (so to speak)!


▶ "I have beautiful everything."


Erica Reyes || 16 Years Old || Junior || Werewolf || Single or Dating Boyd || OPEN

This is a new and improved Erica. No longer is she the girl everyone laughs at, now she is stronger than all of them. Sweet and quiet was the sad person she was before but with the bite from Derek, Erica has gone from the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan. She is the only female werewolf in town so far but damn all of them if they think she is going to be the weakest one. Erica might have been weak before but now she has a new life ahead of her, one that involves becoming the person she always wanted to be. Erica is a woman with a new goal in life: Stir up life while having fun doing it.

Still, despite all the perks Derek’s bite had brought her, being a werewolf isn’t always a bed of roses. Being hunted, wounded and tortured by the Argents during the short but intense war between Derek’s pack and the hunters had Erica wondering if this was really the life she wanted.
After some consideration, she and Boyd decided to leave Derek’s pack and try to find new lives outside of Beacon Hills; maybe just together, maybe with a new pack.

Currently nobody knows what happened to the two young werewolves. Derek has lost every contact to them and with the Alpha pack slowly approaching town, their lives could be seriously in danger.

Will they manage to escape the new enemies or will they even team up with them? If the new threat forces them back to Beacon Hills, will they return to their Alpha or still try to fight alone?

Currently, Erica is MISSING after getting separated from Boyd by the Alpha pack and Derek and the others are trying to find her - not knowing if she is hurt or if the Alpha pack has got her..

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▶ Since Season 3 will air soon..

..we were thinking of putting more effort into getting this RP back to life!

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aw i miss speter

Yes, we miss him too :(
Maybe he’ll come back some time!

is your peter coming back

No, unfortunately he is not. The character is open!

▶ Accepted! Welcome! :)

Name: Lisa
Age: 17
Time Zone: Eastern
Character you’re auditioning for: Emily Fields
Desired Ships: Emily|Paige, Emily|Anyone
How active are you? Pretty much on during the day.
Have you read the rules? Yes I have.
Sample Para: Hidden

You have 24hrs to send me your account and then you have official joined our wonderful group! Thank you for your lovely audition and hope you enjoy your time with us.